Bhangra as a Official Music Genre

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This Petition is addressed to Tim D. Cook (Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc)

Dear Mr. Cook,
We, the people of the Panjab, the Panjabi diaspora around the world (approx. 10 million) and many more music enthusiasts of every background, colour and ethnicity, greatly value the availability to listen to and buy the music ‘Bhangra’, via your services (iTunes), however, we would like in return for it to be respected as an individual "Genre" of music.

Similar to ‘Sufi’ music and ‘Ghazals’, Bhangra is an art form and an original style of music that transcends hundreds of years of culture and history from the Panjab. We strongly believe that it should be rightly classed as its own distinct genre and not be grouped into the class "World Music" as our Indian counter parts ‘Sufi’ and ‘Ghazals’ are not. Furthermore, ‘Bhangra’ is sometimes wrongfully compartmentalised under the degrading label of ‘Punjabi Pop’, which is a western, imperialistic invention to classify and demean the music of the Panjab.

We kindly request, that this change be made as soon as possible, so that the Genre of Music is accurately represented as ‘Bhangra’; and readily searchable and available to iTunes users around the world.

It is a universal belief of academics that Bhangra has been around for a millennia, and more recent research has evidenced Bhangra being celebrated in pictures as far back as 1838!

From its earliest sound recordings in 1935, and throughout the last few decades, Bhangra has grown globally from strength to strength, and now Bhangra is now a thriving industry. If one, was to search the word ‘Bhangra’ on Google, you will receive an amazing 14,000,000 results!

Bhangra music is being produced on a daily basis, which has diversified into other artistic industries, including dance videos and bhangra performances.
Bhangra is enjoyed by millions of people around the world and has been a focus for communities in the diaspora, music artists and academics who aim to continue to research Bhangra’s rich cultural history.

We would urge all those that have an affinity for Bhangra, to take time out and stand up for this art form, that richly deserves to be classed as a specific genre of music by kindly signing this petition.
Kindest regards,

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