Wipe COMIC SANS MS off the face of the earth!

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Wipe COMIC SANS MS off the face of the earth!

Comic Sans MS is a font typeface designed in 1994 by Vincent Connare for the Microsoft company. It was designed for a childish game to go in speech bubbles, fair enough. But ever since, it has been appearing everywhere; from advertisements to gravestones and more recently in 2018, SnapChat.

Given the fact that it was designed for kids, I appreciate the use in younger kids schools (0-11) as it is proven to be an easier font to read. But when it starts entering secondary schools, workplaces and even televised ads, it is getting pretty stupid.

You may have seen all previous controversy on the internet years back, and it surprises me that nobody has taken proper action on it. It may be a dumbass thing to say, but it is a really bad font.

If you happen to like the font that shall not be named, here is a few things that you get viewed as when using it:

  • Uneducated
  • Childish
  • Ridiculous
  • Depressed
  • Technologically impaired


If you need a comic font, there are plenty of alternatives, a full list here, just do not use it. If you do like the font, or have nothing else that you know of and like, go to the Wikipedia Article of all typefaces installed on Windows.

If you are like me and feel pure hatred for the font, follow this tutorial on deleting the terrible font.

I would really appreciate it if you sign this petition and take full action on it (Deleting it, sharing this article/petition with others) and maybe, just maybe, we could Wipe COMIC SANS MS off the face of the earth!

A bit more on why I hate the font.

Hi, I am Oliver. I love to use computers for image manipulation, video editing, coding, and desktop publishing, but I have always had a big hatred, THE FONT. 

Every school worksheet that I have ever been given, Comic Sans, shop signs, Comic Sans, websites that I am always running into, Comic Sans.

It has gotten so bad that I can swear that I am seeing it everywhere, even just reading the two words in a monospace font like Courier, I see it in Comic Sans. It is driving me insane.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I hope you sign. I also hope (Despite it being a 1:100000000000000^200 chance), that tech companies like Apple and Microsoft remove it from their operating system font defaults.


*Drop the mic.*