Free Hisham Abu Hawash


Free Hisham Abu Hawash

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The Honorable Joseph Biden Jr. The President of the Unted States  and Antony Blinken US Secretary of State.

On May 2021 the world media published a statment by Antony Blinken as  the US Secretary of State saying:
Palestinians deserve "equal measures of security, freedom, opportunity and dignity".

We the undersigned American citizens and US-based social justice, civil rights, and human rights leaders call upon you to act per this statment and we demand that you immediately and unequivocally interfere to free Hisham Abu Hawash who was transferred to an Israeli hospital after a severe deterioration in his health and has severe mineral deficiencies and is no longer able to talk or move unassisted. 

Hisham Abu Hawash is the last prisoner on hunger strike of the group that began in the summer of 2021.

Hisham Abu Hawash, a Palestinian hunger striker detained by the Israeli occupation, is now on his 140+ day of hunger strike. His hunger strike continues as his fellow administrative detainees have confirmed they will collectively boycott the Israeli military courts beginning on 1 January 2022.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Sunday it was seriously concerned about the fate and health conditions of Palestinian prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash after 139 days of hunger strike in Israel jails in protest against his imprisonment.

Abu Hawash, 40, married and the father of five children (Hadi, Mohammed, Izz al-Din, Waqas, and Saba), launched his hunger strike on 17 August 2021 to demand an end to his administrative detention, Israeli imprisonment without charge or trial.

We the American citizens demands your immediate interference to release the hunger striker Hisham Abu Hawash and all administrative detainees and end the mis-use of administrative detention by the Israeli occupation.
In Israeli occupation military prisons there are a total of 540+ Palestinians who are being held under the pretense of administrative detention. There are many who have been held for years without ever having the opportunity to prove their innocence or view the supposed evidence being used to justify their imprisonment.

We also demands basic human decency for the prison system’s 6000+ detainees, including 300 children.
We also demand appropriate medical care, ending abuse, including administrative detention, torture and solitary confinement, and direct family visits with family members, including children without barriers.



This petition made change with 1,167 supporters!

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