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Another blind Hippo in death row with Amar Circus - Naresh Kadyan

Amar circus animals were registered by the AWBI and CZA but AFFRO RUSSIAN Amar Circus is not recognized by the above said Institutions, where as Bull performance is banned and Bull must be rescued cancelling its registration as performing animals. Semi blind Hippo can't perform nor move from one place to another in sub standard cages, performance by this animal is a violation of the section 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and this abused Hippo needs attention at once its rescue, treatment, care, rehabilitation and retirement after booking the said illegal circus, the UN affiliated OIPA chapter in India demands FIR against AFFRO RUSSIAN Amar Circus for the violation of the IPC section 420, 120-B criminal conspiracy, cheating, misrepresentation and animal cruelty sections 3, 11 and 38 of the PCA Act, 1960. As per report Performance Rules also violated by this circus and the guidelines of CZA as well if we treat it as Amar Circus, no tranquilizer gun along with necessary equipments available with them along with full time veterinarian, no pre transport permit obtained by them as required under section 96 of the Cattle Transport Rules, 1978 amended in 2001, proper and regular reports should be submitted to all concerned by the circus but same was also violated, no iron ankush to handled elephants.
If so called PFA, Nagpur in charge support abused animals be with the circus then her integrity became doubtful and all concerned Govt. agencies are duty bound to rescue and rehabilitate abused animals, stopping unnecessary pain and suffering to the performing animals for joy, entertainment, personnel gain and profit.

This petition was delivered to:
  • HE The President of India, New Delhi
    Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
  • Shri Saurav Rao
  • Founder PETA
    Mrs. Ingrid Newkirk
  • Chief Functionary, PETA India
    Ms. Poorva Joshipura
  • Sadar Police Station, Nagpur
    Inspector of Police
  • Nagpur Police
    The DCP, Zone-2
  • HE The Vice President of India, New Delhi.
    HE Shri Hamid Ansari
  • The Prime Minister of India, New Delhi.
    Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Singh
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest
    The Secretary
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest
    The Director General of Forest
  • Shri Naresh Kadyan
    OIPA in India
  • The Wild Life Crime Control Bureau
  • Founder, People for Animals
    Smt. Maneka Gandhi
  • Union Minister for Women and Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi
  • Union Minister for Women and Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi
  • Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur
    Shri Gopal Reddy
  • Minister of forest, Maharashtra
    Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam
  • The Director, Animal Welfare Division.
  • The Joint Secretary, Ministry for Environment and Forest
  • The Chief Minister of Maharashtra
  • The Central Zoo Authority of India
  • Animal Welfare Board of India
    The Chairman
  • Minister for Environment and Forest, New Delhi.
    Hon'ble Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan
  • The Chief Wild Life Warden of Maharashtra
  • Union Minister for Women and Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi
  • Shri Anil Diggikar
  • The Collector, Nagpur
  • Senior Correspondent of Times of India, Nagpur.
    Shri Vijay Pinjarkar
  • The Joint Police Commissioner, Nagpur
  • Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra State
    Shri Ajit Anantrao Pawar
  • Offfiice of the HE the Governor of Maharashtra
  • Union Minister For Women & Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi

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