We want better representation, recognition and remuneration for women in construction

We want better representation, recognition and remuneration for women in construction

26 February 2021
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Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Construction Minister)
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Why this petition matters

The construction industry is a key part of the UK economy, contributing 6% of GDP and employing over 2 million people, but it is sadly stuck in the 1950s when it comes to gender diversity. 

We need to engage and encourage a real change in prevailing attitudes in construction.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Only 15% of the construction industry’s workforce are women
  • Only 15% of executive and 22% of all board members are women
  • The gender pay gap in construction is 20%


How can you help?

We are calling on supporters to sign their names on this petition. By signing you will be helping to show the Construction Minister that we want the Government to use its buying power to change the outdated attitudes and practices with respect to gender equality that are holding back the construction industry.

Our aim is to engage and energise government and procurers to improve the 3R's for women in the construction industry:

  • REpresentation
  • REcognition
  • REmuneration


Our goals

The KPIs for the campaign are set out below:

  • 50% women in executive positions by 2030
  • 30% women in executive roles on top 10 contractor boards by 2025
  • 50% women in entry level roles by 2025
  • Zero gender pay gap by 2035 – starting with equal pay for equal work!


There are many reasons why The REBuild Project is timely and important:

  • The industry is facing a recruitment and retention crisis as older employees leave and fewer migrant workers are available. We know that women have the skills and enthusiasm to help fill the gaps.
  • Society is demanding more diversity in business. Construction companies cannot stay saddled with 1950s values if they want to be seen as modern and vibrant businesses. We can help them on the path that leads to being stand-out companies that attract the best talent and win more business.
  • The business case for diversity is demonstrable but construction companies are slower than some other sectors in recognising this. Margins are being squeezed all the time, but women can help them unleash the power of diversity.
  • The Government has a stated aim ‘to drive industry reform through our buying actions’ (Construction Playbook). Gender equality is embedded in the social value agenda and has to be ‘explicitly evaluated in all government procurement’.  We can capitalise on this challenge the Construction Minister to put her weight behind this and help drive long-overdue improvements in The 3Rs’, to the benefit of all.
  • But most important of all – it is 2021, not the 1950s. A change in attitudes towards equality in construction is long overdue

Learn more at: www.therebuildproject.co.uk


Support now
Signatures: 160Next Goal: 200
Support now