Sink Tobruk for Straddie

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Sink Tobruk for Straddie

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Sink Tobruk for Straddie!

Grab your snorkel and get on board to Sink Tobruk for Straddie! Redland City, encompassing mainland and island communities, is the best place to live, work, play and do business. Our location, 35km from the third largest city in Australia and nestling on the shores of Moreton Bay, makes North Stradbroke Island (NSI) truly the ideal resting place for the ex-HMAS Tobruk. 

Here, Tobruk would return to its home port in the waters of Moreton Bay and to the NSI Quandamooka indigenous community, its historical significance would be preserved and it would contribute to the ecological welfare of the local marine wildlife. Vital would be its contribution in revitalising the local economy.

For Straddie’s economic transition

Tobruk would provide a significant contribution to the local economy where its potential to become a major dive site and tourist attraction could bring thousands of visitors annually.  A tourism boom would help create new jobs and niche market business opportunities on the island to fill the mining void and boost a new economy. Not to mention the increased appeal for TV and film – Jack Sparrow, no props need for the next sequel!

Perfect dive spot

A dive site at Straddie would allow more dive days as it would be out of the current, wind and swell.  There is also a huge diversity of sea life, including manta rays, humpback whales, grey nurse sharks, green and loggerhead turtles and barracuda. Manta Bommie at Point Lookout is already a top 10 dive site in Australia and scuttling HMAS Tobruk would be a wonderful addition for divers to explore.

For the endangered Grey Nurse Sharks and majestic Manta Rays

Straddie’s reefs are teeming with marine wildlife that would benefit significantly from scuttling the ex-warship in its waters. Within a year of sinking the HMAS Brisbane, the artificial reef had a diverse ecosystem including coral, shrimp, starfish, urchins and over 200 species of fish. This could play a vital role in boosting the population for the endangered Grey Nurse sharks, a generally placid species, in our Straddie waters.

For the preservation of Tobruk

We here in the Redlands understand the historical significance of Tobruk and are determined to preserve its heritage so that its legacy is available to those beyond the diving community. Redland City Council boasts a well-resourced history branch through Council Libraries to help make sure the legacy of Tobruk continues. The Redlands also has a great number of museums, including the North Stradbroke Island Museum, where there are opportunities to preserve this piece of Australia’s maritime history.

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This petition had 1,896 supporters

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