Intervene on behalf of Adam Koessler, arrested on 2nd January 2015.

Intervene on behalf of Adam Koessler, arrested on 2nd January 2015.

9 January 2015
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Annastacia Palaszczuk (Premier of Queensland, Australia) and 2 others
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Started by Fearless Father

Adam Koessler is a loving father who was arrested on 2nd January 2015 for allegedly administering medicinal cannabis oil to his 2 year old daughter, after she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  
Adams bails conditions were amended in the Brisbane Magistrates court on 16th January, to allow him to see his daughter, who is receiving treatment in the Lady Cilento Children's hospital - South Brisbane. 
His visitation with his child has been restricted by the hospital who have defaulted to existing court orders, issued by the family court in 2013. 
He is not kept informed of her treatment, her progress and not informed when she is having surgery or of significant information relating to her care and treatment.
He has organised for an independent registered business to provide organic meals to his child, however the hospital will not approve delivery of the meals.
Many other parents with children in the same hospital advise that they are not restricted in bringing in food from home or food outlets and some have ordered meals from the same business without any obstruction from the hospital. 

It is inhumane and unjust to keep a parent, away from their child during such severe illness, uninformed regarding her progress and to obstruct her father's efforts in ensuring she has a healthy diet whilst in hospital. 

Medical Cannabis has been legalised in many countries and jurisdictions around the globe. There is ample evidence to show that it has many beneficial effects for cancer patients without the harmful side effects and other associated risks of current drug treatments. In fact working in conjunction with the recommended treatment regime, medical cannabis has also been proven to alleviate these adverse side effects.

Adam faces losing his job with the Catholic Education Dept of Qld if his blue card is revoked and the cost of defending his charges and appeal to the family court for new consent orders could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Adams case has gained media attention from around Australia and the world wide community and there is strong public demand for the laws regarding medical cannabis use to be reviewed and changed as soon as possible. 
It is not in the public interest to pursue this case in accordance with the Guidelines to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Queensland. 

Adam Koessler deserves to have his parental rights to see his child and be involved in her care and treatment respected, the charges against him dismissed by a court, and the right to decide the treatment options for his own child.

There are many other families in Australia, who are using medical cannabis oil to assist their children and treat severe forms of epilepsy and combat cancer. These families should not live in fear of arrest because of out dated laws that are no longer supported by scientific evidence.   

Medicinal cannabis oil, its safe supply and use, should be legalised in Queensland and the rest of Australia without further delay. 
The families of sick children do not have years to wait whilst expensive clinical trials, which have already been conducted extensively overseas, are undertaken. 

Close to 200,000 Australians support this proposition as evidenced by the petition in support of Dan Haslam .

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This petition had 201,590 supporters

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  • Annastacia PalaszczukPremier of Queensland, Australia
  • Yvette D'athAttorney General of Queensland, Australia
  • Cameron DickHealth Minister of Queensland, Australia