Decriminalise the use of medicinal cannabis for people with terminal cancer like my son.
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Decriminalise the use of medicinal cannabis for people with terminal cancer like my son.

    1. Lucy Haslam
    2. Petition by

      Lucy Haslam

      Tamworth, Australia

Our 24 year old son has a terminal cancer diagnosis. He is receiving great benefit from using medical cannabis to manage his nausea, vomiting and poor appetite.He is also using cannabis oil in a bid to halt the progression of his disease.

We can see the changes in him and fully believe that cannabis is absolutely  the right path for him to go down as conventional treatments have failed him. The adoption of the 5 recommendations of the NSW Parliament Legislative General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4: The use of cannabis for medical purposes, is essential to Daniel and the thousands of terminally ill and debilitated Australians who would benefit from the use of Medicinal Cannabis. These patients and their carers (just like us) are being forced to break the law to obtain and to use cannabis, mostly without medical supervision because they are fearful to expose themselves. The medical evidence is available and opinions world wide are changing based on this evidence, yet the NSW Government is still sitting on it's hands and demonstrating a complete lack of compassion with it's disregard for these recommendations. 

Adoption of these recommendations will afford the terminally ill and chronic pain suffers the right to choose a treatment which is beneficial to them, whilst being protected from arrest and prosecution under the current NSW legislation.

Our son cannot afford to wait for the government to step up. We need help now!

Jillian Skinner, NSW Health Minister
Premier Mike Baird, NSW premier
Adopt and implement the 5 recommendations of the NSW Parliament Legislative General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4: The use of cannabis for medical purposes.

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    1. You're invited: The Inaugural Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium!

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you so much for signing my petition on to decriminalise the use of Medical Cannabis for people with terminal illness like my son Dan. As a direct result of your support I am now happy to announce:

      The Inaugural Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium
      Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre, Tamworth NSW
      Friday 21st November and Saturday 22nd November 2014

      This is a community funded initiative also supported by the NSW Government

      Public concern and interest over medicinal cannabis has profoundly escalated over the past year thanks largely to our petition and campaigning. Consequently, a range of politicians and policy makers have indicated their interest in policy reform: from PM Abbott, to NSW Premiers Baird, Chief Minister Gallagher, Nationals Minister Barnaby Joyce, Liberal National Warren Entsch and the progressive Government of the Territory of Norfolk Island.

      Medicinal Cannabis is an important issue that should unite across the political divide and across all Federal, State and Territorial governments.
      Australian media from Alan Jones at 2GB, through to the Project on Ten, Insight on SBS and Sunday on 7, as well as print and coverage on the ABC have all highlighted the pitfalls of making criminals out of ordinary Australians who are just trying to manage difficult and painful medical conditions.....

      This Inaugural Australian Symposium is about utilising lessons already learnt from overseas to help Australia find a solution based on compassion. It is about seeing where Australian scientists are up to but above all it is about helping Australian carers like myself and sick Australians like my son Dan, to be recognised a people just trying to access medicine which relieves debilitating illness and disease. It is about freeing us from the stress and stigma of being considered criminals.

      I sincerely hope that you accept this as a personal invitation that will allow you to be better informed about medicinal cannabis. Perhaps you signed my petition because you or someone you love is in this untenable position too?

      Tickets are available through our website link:

      Full program details and keynote speaker details are available on the website. The program is subject to change as we continue to develop what is shaping up to be a very full program.

      I look forward to seeing many of you in Tamworth next month

      Kind regards

      Lucy Haslam

    2. NSW Premier Mike Baird is in – he's backing our campaign.

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Dan and I have just got back from Sydney where we met him personally – and he promised to back the bill when it comes up in parliament. He said if it was his wife or children, he'd want medicinal cannabis available for them.

      It's just incredible news, and shows what 180,000 of you signing our petition can help achieve – we're closer than ever before to winning this change.

      He’s just tweeted about the meeting here:

      Now we need more MPs to back the change – especially the influential dozen who sit around the NSW cabinet table. Their support will be critical, and you can help the Premier and my local Nationals MP to get them on board by writing to them.

      Can you take a moment now to email or call them and ask them to support the decriminalisation of medicinal cannabis for the terminally ill? Click here to see the list of the key cabinet ministers and their email addresses – drop them a note now to help us convince them to vote for the bill about to come up for vote in parliament.

      This campaign has been an incredible journey. But it comes back to this: for using the only way to ease our son Dan's chemo pain, we could go to jail. Many don't have access to this treatment. And that's just wrong.

      Thanks for all of your support,

      Lucy and the Haslams

    3. Now we really need your help to get us over the line in the Parliament!!!!!

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Hi all. I have a very important request to make of you all..........
      To date we have been fighting for Medicinal Cannabis by any means available to us...TV, Radio, newspapers and of course social media and the petition. We have achieved a lot... next month a Private Members Bill will be tabled in the NSW Parliament on Dan's behalf. If NSW comes on board, the hope is that other states will follow so it is a fight worth continuing for our sick loved ones.
      The fact of the matter is that although we have made some inroads none of the Health Ministers have changed their we need to ramp it up a gear.
      Today I set up the Medicinal Cannabis Fighting Fund and it is my intention to take out full page advertisements in major newspapers ahead of the bill. These advertisements are being designed at the present time. They will include an open letter appealing to all the MPs who will vote on the bill. It will also include the personal profile of NSW MC users such as Dan, to put a human face to this important bill. You can help in 3 ways....
      Please donate whatever amount you can afford or wish to contribute. I dislike asking for money but at this point it is essential to keep the pressure on. Please be reassured that any money will be spent wisely for the cause and any unspent money will be donated to charity such as The Cancer Council or maybe Dan's favourite charity The Matthew Martin Time Out Fund.
      Here are the details:
      Medicinal Cannabis Fighting Fund
      BSB: 932 000
      Account Number: 737829
      New England Mutual, Tamworth.
      Please email me if you want to have your story/ loved one's story portrayed as part of the advertisements. I would need to know basic details such as
      Your name (Christian name or a pseudo name would be ok)
      Where you live (Just NSW residents at this stage)
      Your medical diagnosis (eg Cancer type, epilepsy, pain etc)
      Why MC is important to you. (Just a brief sentence please)
      Please send a high resolution close up photograph of yourself /loved one. My email is
      Please share this request with as many people as possible. Maybe business would like to help? Maybe you would like to contribute as a memorial to a loved one who should have benefited from MC were it available to them? The important thing is just to share and help us make history in NSW and Australia to bring us in line with other countries with a more compassionate approach to care of the sick.
      Thankyou everyone. Please help give us a fighting chance to win this and don't forget to watch Sunday Night on Channel 7 this weekend.

    4. Help please!

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Hi everyone. I am looking for 9 brave souls from NSW who are using cannabis meds for serious terminal illness to share their story in an open letter to NSW MPs prior to the tabling of the Bill in the Parliament. It would only be a brief outline such as this one for Dan...
      1. Daniel Haslam 24years. Lives Tamworth NSW stage 4 bowel cancer (liver, lung, bone and lymph metastases) Uses Cannabis in a vaporiser to control nausea, vomiting and weight loss associated with chemotherapy. Tried all known pharmaceutical antiemetic drugs without success. Also uses cannabis oil to treat his advanced cancer.
      This short story can have a pseudo name but I would like it to reflect your true medical circumstance.
      Please email or phone me 0409165889
      Lucy Haslam

    5. Sunday Night continues to follow the Medicinal Cannabis debate

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Please watch SUNDAY NIGHT on Chanel 7 tomorrow night and show your support of Cassie Batten arrested (yet to be charged) over administering Cannabis tincture to her young son Cooper to manage his epileptic seizures.
      Australians should be furious over this despicable treatment of a mum who loves her child and is doing the very best by him

    6. Putting out a call for anyone in WA who has a similar story to Dan.

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Politicians would like to talk to anyone with a similar experience to Dan who is using MC. Please email me on
      Thank you.
      Ps don't forget to keep telling your stories to the media and your political representatives

    7. Reached 150,000 signatures
    8. Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy and Law Reform supports us

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      On Thursday I addressed the parliamentary group on drug policy and law reform in Canberra. After this informal meeting, members from various political persuasions agreed that the issue of Medicinal cannabis should be bought to the Federal arena ASAP and should be considered as being "above politics". A working group will be formed with cross party representation with a view to table a bill in the Federal Parliament. I would like to thank Senator Richard Di Natale for this wonderful initiative. This now makes it important to lobby your Federal MPs and Health Minister. If you have a story like Dan's tell them too so when they are making decisions, they think about their own constituents who have a valid medical need for cannabis medicines. Thank you. Lucy

    9. Reached 100,000 signatures
    10. Journalists looking for stories like ours

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Hi all. Journalists are looking for local stories similar to ours.

      Emma Swain, a journalist from Maitland is looking to interview someone from the Maitland area who has experience with medicinal cannabis. If you're able to talk with Emma, please get in touch with her. Her email is:

    11. Reached 75,000 signatures
    12. NSW Nurses and Midwives Association supports the recommendations

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      In a show of COMPASSION and COMMON SENSE the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association has resolved to support the implementation of the unanimous recommendations of the NSW General Purpose Standing Committee no. 4 and supports this petition to decriminalise the medicinal use of cannabis.
      Thankyou to Brett Holmes and all the nurses who support us!

    13. Reached 35,000 signatures
    14. Dan's story to air on "Sunday Night"

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Dan's Story will be told on channel 7 "Sunday Night" this Sunday evening around 7:30pm. Please tell all your friends and family to help spread the conversation about the use of medicinal cannabis for those with specific medical needs. Thanks for the continued support. Lucy

    15. ABC Tasmania seeking a medicinal cannabis user to interview

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Hi all. ABC Tasmania want to interview someone from Tasmania who is having a similar problem to Dan where conventional antiemetics have not been successful in managing chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting but cannabis is providing relief. If this sounds like you or someone you know please contact me so I can put them in touch. Thanks
      Lucy Haslam.

    16. Interview with Alan Jones - please listen and share:

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      This morning we were interviewed by Alan Jones on radio 2GB. You can hear the interview by clicking here:

      Thanks for your support,

    17. Alan Jones supports Medicinal Cannabis

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Tomorrow morning 06/06 Dan and I will be calling in to 2GB to chat with Alan Jones about Medicinal Cannabis. The interview is scheduled for 7.10am. Hope you can listen in as we keep spreading the word!

    18. Reached 30,000 signatures
    19. The NSW National Party MP Kevin Anderson will table a bill for us!!!!

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson met with the NSW Premier the Hon Mike Baird today over the issue of the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
      Mr Anderson told the Premier of his intention to introduce a Private Members Bill seeking the approval for the use of cannabis by terminally ill patients.
      Mr Anderson said “the Premier listened intently while I explained the issue to him and the circumstances surrounding my decision to try and change the laws.
      “I told him about the Haslam family from Tamworth and the heartbreaking circumstances facing 24 year old Dan Haslam who has terminal cancer and his use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
      “The Premier was sympathetic and agreed the time has come to address this issue and he supported my bid to work up a private members bill.

    20. Reached 25,000 signatures
    21. Thanks Mamamia

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks Mamamia for posting Dan's story on your website. To all mothers out there please sign the petition and send it to all your contacts. This could help your child one day!

    22. Thanks Mamamia

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks Mamamia for posting Dan's story on your website. To all mothers out there please sign the petition and send it to all your contacts. This could help your child one day!

    23. Keep the conversation happening

      Lucy Haslam
      Petition Organizer

      Triple J HACK will cover this story this week. Please be encouraged to get involved in the conversation and continue to circulate this petition. Dan's story will soon feature on another major network so watch this space......Thanks for all your support on behalf of Daniel and thousands of other fellow Australians who need this natural produce to live well.



    Jul 22, 2014

    Struck by the courage & determination of @DanielHaslam as he campaigns to legalise medical cannabis @The_NDL #nswpol

    Mike Baird

    Reasons for signing

    • Jardon Spark AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 hour ago

      It needs to be decriminalised & Legalized!

    • joe white AUSTRALIA
      • about 6 hours ago

      Why is the completely unnecessary suffering of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of my Australian brothers and sisters important to me? Or why is the fact that my government is apparently completely ignorant (I say apparently because I refuse to believe the people running our country can be so uneducated or stupid) and has an absolute lack of compassion for the suffering of my fellow Aussie? Why is the disgusting truth that because of my Governments above mentioned incredible and complete disregard for our collective well-being, these people are now "drug users" and "criminals", forced to either in person or more commonly someone they care about most takes it upon themselves (also now a "criminal")to acquire life changing medication in turn forced to associate with "criminals" or "drug dealers" and risk prosecution, all while the sale of cigarettes is 100% legal and they've killed more people than Ronald McDonald and destroyed more family's than alcohol abuse. Why is this important to me?? There are probably a million reasons to approve the use of medicinal use marijuana, but only one you need to think about, IT SAVES LIVES. To deny it is to deny treatment. This unconscionable behaviour and personally I will never forgive the government for many reasons, but the suffering of Australians features in all as a result of the stupidity of our "leaders". I wonder how many people died in the time it took to type this from cigarette related illness, Guarantee Marijuana killed no-one. How many people were helped by cigarettes I don't wonder, no-one any where ever! Marijuana? countless people in many countrys with many different ailments. How much money did the government make off the sale of cigarettes in the time it took to type this? Stop promoting the suffering of the people you are meant to protect and let them as responsible adults make choices without fear of criminal charges.

    • Barbara Grigio AUSTRALIA
      • about 21 hours ago

      Because if it alleviates the symptoms of a particular illness then we absolutely should use it. It's not as if it is still a drug per se.

    • John Mihelakis AUSTRALIA
      • about 22 hours ago

      Once you find the real reasons as to why this is banned and then find out the amount of benefits cannabis has its just ridiculous that it has not been made legal, at least for medicinal uses, seriously. what harm will come from that. Australias leaders needs to seriously wake up to reality.

    • Paul Beasley AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      Im not a drug taker,but medicinal

      cannabis is the answer for pain


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