Ban the cruel Horse carriage of Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati -We need your signature & support

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Horses are sensitive and skittish animals. It is cruel to force horses to pull oversized carriages​. Horses are forced to work in all weather conditions and extreme traffic. They may develop respiratory sickness, can suffer from leg problems from walking on hard surfaces.

In many cities, including Guwahati, horses are forced to give joy rides. They can often be seen struggling to pull heavy carts loaded with people while they are beaten or whipped when they become tired or slow down.

Animals do not want to perform painful and fraustrating tasks. Carriage owners use abusive tools, including whips to force them to perform. Instead of being loaded and unloaded like lifeless metarials into trucks, these animals should be in their natural habitats – exploring, seeking mates and raising families.

THE SAD HORSES​ OF DIGHALIPUKHURI HORSE CARRIAGE is pleasing people from many years​. People come to that locality on weekends, take refreshments, some of them experiences the carriage ride while the horses suffer. Couple of days back the horse carriage met with an accident with a car injuring a lady on the road. The carriage can be seen at DIGHALIPUKHURI area on weakends. The carriage is also used for rents for weddings and private parties.

ANIMALS have decided to write to Chief Minister of Assam, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Maneka Gandhi and Deputy commissioner of Kamrup (M) to put a ban on the usage of horses for joy rides. Your Voice and Signatures in this regard will help us to act strongly.