Stricter laws against animal abuse (especially street animals)

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On 13th of January 2019 , in Kolkata West Bengal 16 puppies were brutally murdered by two women who were recognized as Nurses of a renowned medical college. The fact that they did not have any fear of the consequences they might face is very alarming situation for the animals and the laws that are protecting them. There are cases related to animal cruelty every single day. Most of them go unnoticed and no complaints are filed against the accused. We animal lovers are having an  extremely hard time trying to fight for the safety of street animals and we need your support. We request you to kindly come forward and sign this so that we can take the petition ahead to the Animal Welfare Board of India, Haryana and request them to review the existing laws against cruelty of animals and advise the Government of India to issue stricter laws against animal cruelty.

If stricter laws are implemented against these abusers they will have a constant fear of the consequences before attacking or abusing an innocent animal. This will lead to a better and safer environment of the animals residing on the streets and have it as their only home. Kindly come forward, your sign can change the lives of these voiceless souls.