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Abuse an Animal : Face the Consequences

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Cruelty to animals or Animal abuse is the intentional infliction of suffering or damage by humans upon any animal. It may be done to acquire any kind of gain, for example, killing tigers, elephants for their fur and tusks respectively or just for fun's sake.

Time and again, we come across cases of animal abuse in India. Be it the brutal beating up of donkeys, bulls by the owners or the teasing or jibing of stray dogs and cats, animal abuse is not a rare sight. Every now and then, a video pops up on the internet wherein an animal is mishandled by us humans. It pains my heart to see such things still rampant in our country when we have achieved so much in all the other fields.

I, as a citizen of India, feel responsible for this. If only we had taken the necessary steps before, this would not have been the scenario. Yet, we are still waiting for some miracle to happen and save our innocent and voiceless animals. But, its the high time now. We need to stop animal abuse and we need to do it right now.

  • First of all, I urge the government to levy heavy fines on those who indulge in cruelties towards animals and to be dealt strictly and not let off with just a warning. Our animals deserve more than that.
  • Secondly, awareness campaigns about animal abuse need to be organised on a large scale so that majority of people are sensitised and know what should their duty be whenever they see a poor animal being ill-treated.
  • Stricter laws should be made in this respect and better implementation of those laws should be ensured.

Finally I, with all my heart, solicit everyone of you out there to kindly sign this petition so that something prominent is done about the situation of our helpless animals because they are gravely in need. 

Thank you.  

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