Increase in penalty against animal cruelty

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Rs. 50 a life?
A month ago we were fighting for animal rights after a pregnant elephant was killed in kerela. This indicates the impact, formation and regulation of the laws being weak. It is a month and it's high time we look at the basic rule against animal cruelty. It was a highly grossing topic of social media to have been outraged the animal rights and was criticized by a lot of people.

The current law states that there is a minimum penalty of rs.10 and a maximum of rs.50. The government has worked in to ammend the law by making it rs.6000(not amended yet).

But is it enough?

We need the punishment to be such that the crimes against the one's who cannot speak for themselves is minimized. For that we demand a much higher raise in the penalty.

Help us support the cause by signing up the petition. We need a change! Animal lives matter!

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