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Already in the list of endangered animals, there are hundreds of illegally owned elephants in India and the captive elephants in Kerala are suffering at the hands of irresponsible owners and abusive mahouts. Severe beatings, starvation and abuse to break their spirit cause their untimely death in most cases. The most recent death was of Srihari owned by Thrippoonithura Seva Sangham, who died on the night of 15th September, as a result of extreme cruelty and harsh treatment at the hands of his keepers. More than 20 elephants have died in the year 2018 in Kerala till now.

We need a collective effort to bring about a change.  The focus of this petition is to:

1.  Make sure the illegally owned captive elephants are either freed or taken up by the forest department with immediate effect.

2.  Diseased elephants in captivity, who are constantly refused medical care and attention, be immediately freed or taken up by the forest department.

3. Ensure healthy elephants in captivity have better living conditions and mahouts who are well trained and compassionate towards these gentle giants rather than abusive men who take their frustration out on these gentle giants.

4.  Stricter laws governing ownership and regular health checkups by government veterinarian in the presence of any Animal Welfare Organization.

5.  Step by step release of captive elephants back to the wild or to be taken responsibility of by the Forest Department.

Stand with us so that we can end this centuries old torture on these poor beings and to prevent them from being wiped out completely.