5k Fine, imprisonment and revoking of driving license for killing of dog by car

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there is no fine on killing of strays by cars..we must petition to fine same at a high price like minimum 5k  where witness who report can have half the amount..i think this is the only way in which careless reckless drivers will be alert on road ?

as max dogs die by cars. in a world where red light crossing demands a fine, there is no fine on running over a life bcoz it's of an animal !

a prison imprisonment of minimum 3 months in case of gross negligence and revoking of driving license is a must. What if it was your toddler or pet dog ?

to summarise below

1. Monetary fine 

2. revoking of driving license

3. jail imprisonment minimum 3 months

4. rule to limit speed limit in residential areas and near parks 

Please they have loved ones too, everyday getting maimed, killed, survivors live even a more pathetic life on three legs.  

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