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Do not slaughter Yellowstone's 900 Bison

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The U.S. National Park Service wants to slaughter 900 bison from the Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming. Their reasoning: "To protect farmer's cattle from a disease called brucellosis." Yet, there has NEVER been a documented case of a cow or bull being passed this disease through bison... ever. This is unnecessary slaughtering. It has been proven that there are no cattle in West Yellowstone as of 2016; therefore no risk of transmission -- their reasoning is theoretical!!!

Never mind the fact this operation will also disrupt the rest of the wildlife, such as elk & moose & the other 4100 bison in the park, when the services arrive to herd, capture and shuttle 900 bison to slaughter houses, February 2016.

"Ethically, the treatment of wild animals is a concern." -Animal Legal Defense Fund

We need to end this annual bison cull, as they are only innocent animals coexisting harmoniously in this preserved portion of treasured land. THERE IS NO RISK, NO NEED TO KILL. ONLY A NEED TO PREVENT THIS FROM REOCCURRING. 

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