Save Seals from Canada's brutal seal flesh trade

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I am advocating to end the cruelty shown towards a group of marine mammals called "Seals". The reason I got so provoked to file this petition is a video posted by @instaforchange which is a 60 second clip showing the extreme cruelty done to these mammals as a part of Canada's Seal flesh trade.

No animal on this Earth deserves such a type of treatment. Just because these animals don't have a voice doesn't mean they don't deserve to live as freely as humans do.

I could have just posted a sad emoji and forget the entire thing, but I would have done a big mistake in my life, as Earth ain't granted for only humans to live. It's our duty to treat our fellow creatures with the same dignity as we give to our fellow humans.

So I request all of you beautiful people out there to stand with me to stop seal flesh trade and give relief to these beautiful gifts of nature from inhumane torture experienced by them in everyday life.

I also request y'all to follow #savetheseals and #instaforsupport to show your support. Remember that social media is one of the most powerful awareness machine of our generation and hence utilize it to bring the necessary changes required to save all the creatures of this beautiful planet called Earth.