Support Nicholas' Right to Choose Non-Toxic Treatment

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My son Nicholas was diagnosed with Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia (MPAL). There is no protocol tested and proven to be successful with this particular diagnosis. Protocol treatments for other types of leukemia are being used as they haven’t yet figured out what works for MPAL.

The first protocol tried was AML therapy and was a "complete induction failure". He almost died from the treatment.

Historical data shows patients with MPAL treated with chemotherapy protocols for other types of leukemia produce success in only 40% of patients with an average life span of 18 months.

After a second type of therapy was tried (ALL), Nick’s tests showed no sign of cancer. The doctor told us he was in remission. The definition of remission is: "tests, physical exams, and scans show that all signs of cancer are gone."

Nicholas' oncologist explained that each chemotherapy drug targets a different growth cycle of the cancer cell. When I asked what happens when there there is no cancer to target, his was response was simply "That's the unfortunate part." He explained basically the chemotherapy was being used as a preventative to "make sure the cancer doesn't come back". He then told us Nick needed THREE more YEARS of chemotherapy.

I told the doctor we wanted to pursue non-toxic treatment. I took Nick to doctors who would give him the non-toxic therapies which keep people in remission.

Nicholas' oncologist called CPS on numerous occasions, demanding they take Nicholas from me and immediately bring him back to the hospital where he could force chemotherapy into Nicholas. He testified in court Nicholas was in "imminent danger of death" and would die if not brought back for chemotherapy immediately. He also said that even though all tests performed showed no sign of cancer, he "believed" Nick still had cancer because 50 years ago when they took people off chemo early, their cancer came back. FIFTY YEARS AGO?  WHAT!!!???!! The testing back then was not as good as today.  We do know those people were doing NOTHING except chemo and that was a long time ago.  Not the case here.  We are pursuing treatment, just not chemo.

Chemotherapy drugs they are giving Nicholas are hepatotoxic and cytotoxic and have adversely affected Nicholas in the past, and are currently doing so again. Blood work proves the chemotherapy is damaging Nicholas.

Chemotherapy is, of course, an incredibly aggressive, painful, and risky treatment. Among the side effects are life threatening infections, organ damage, neurological
damage fever, neuropathy, bruising, bleeding, mouth and throat damage, hair loss; nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, mouth sores; pancytopenia (loss of healthy red and white blood cells and platelets), which result in the need for transfusions and which could be fatal; toxicity to the heart, kidneys, liver, or nervous system; growth impairment and/or other hormone deficiencies; permanent infertility; risk of secondary cancers, including leukemia; and impact on adolescent lifestyle and education.


Doctors across the country are treating patients in remission with preventative non-toxic therapies. Quality of life is dramatically improved and long term survival is much higher than with conventional chemotherapy. The overall results are outstanding.

The medical industry does not currently allow children to pursue non-toxic treatments once they are in remission. Years of chemotherapy are mandated for children with leukemia-3.5 years for boys and 2.5 years for girls. 

There are examples in several other states where CPS was called to investigate children in remission pursuing non-toxic treatment. In every instance, CPS concluded their investigation by allowing parents their Constitutional right to choose another course of medical treatment for their children. They took no legal action against the parents. Quality of life was immediately improved and years later, the children are thriving.

Nicholas wants to pursue these treatments. His father and I also want him treated with non-toxic therapies in order to keep him in remission. I want him to live a long and healthy life. We appreciate your support. Please spread far and wide so Nick can be allowed to choose the treatments we know are best for him which will save his life!