Demand the return of all Hillsbus services in Northwest Sydney

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The NSW government is drastically reducing bus services for the people of Northwest Sydney in order to push commuters onto the Metro, an unfinished train line which increases journey times to and from the City. From 28 July 2019: 

1) Commuters will have reduced peak hour bus services to the city. Services will start later and finish earlier and will have reduced frequency, some routes will be completely cancelled. Includes 620X, 642X, 620N, 617X, 618X,  and more. 

2) Commuters will have no bus service to the city outside peak hours, with parking at Metro train stations not being an option after 7am. Includes cancellation of 621 and many others. 

3) Large amounts of Northwest Sydney will have no access to bus services to and from Metro stations leaving them completely stranded.

The net result for long suffering residents will be added commute times of at least 40 minutes each way. This is wholly unacceptable and unbearable and will hugely impact the well being of families who finely balance work and family responsibilities; part time workers, shift workers, students and the elderly. It demonstrates a complete disregard for residents working outside peak hours and utilising flexible working options in order to balance work/family life. 

Furthermore, the communication around these changes has been non-existent, with many people still unaware of the changes. To date, no notices have been placed inside buses and online notices have been buried and difficult to find.

This is not what we were promised by the NSW government. It is badly planned with no regard for residents. It is not in the interests of any person in Northwest Sydney. The changes only benefit Metro owners, MTR Corporation, John Holland Group and UGL Rail by leaving residents and commuters no other option but the Metro, an unfinished train line which increases journey times to and from the city. It is an appalling betrayal by the NSW government.