Support Cannabis Roll!!

Support Cannabis Roll!!

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Cannabis Roll started this petition to Ancaster locals!

Cannabis Roll at 11 Hatton Drive has been receiving many complaints from a loud minority in the community that believe we are out to do harm in their neighborhood.


I ask that you sign this petition and let the community know how cannabis helped you in your life!


Our goal is to provide Ancaster with safe access to organic cannabis and cannabis products in order to combat a thriving illegal market and provide people with help they need.


I've noticed many concerns involve children being vulnerable to the store. We are a licensed Ontario dispensary which means that we must follow strict regulations for securing our store and the cannabis product. This includes having all customers present valid government issued ID when picking up an order and having all cannabis products stored in a locked secure vault. We have opted to leave our front door open during the warm weather as it is easier for us to navigate curbside pickup and also appears more welcoming to the customers even though no one is allowed in at this time. I assure this is not a problem however as the front door opens only to a small vestibule in which a staff member is present. No cannabis products or merchandise are visible from the door even if it is open. Furthermore all cannabis products are in containers that are not to be opened in store. Children are the roots of any strong community and we take protecting them seriously.


"I'm not against cannabis or the stores, I just don't want one in my neighborhood" 


There are already many cannabis businesses operating underground in Perth Park, the Meadowlands and Old Ancaster as well as the rest of Hamilton that are thriving. They offer same day delivery and cheaper cannabis. This can be dangerous however as you don't know how it's grown and it may include large amounts of pesticides among other things. They are very hard to shut down as they don't have a physical address and as long as it's easy and lucrative they will continue to exist. 


We aim to combat this by providing certified organic cannabis at competitive prices in the communities that they operate in. This will gives consumers a safer, more reliable alternative.


Cannabis is not for everyone out there. There are some people who will just never have a good experience and that's that. But cannabis can be very helpful for the people that use it and especially important when combatting addiction. Many people in the Hamilton/Ancaster area suffer from fentanyl, alcohol, cocaine, and crystal meth addiction and cannabis has been known to be the one thing that can help. Though it may not directly benefit everyone, I assure you the community as a whole will be feeling the benefits!


Please sign and leave a comment if you wish on how cannabis has helped you and spread some awareness on an important issue!


Keep Grazing,


Mark Bissessar

General Manager 

Cannabis Roll


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!