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Deepika Bhardwaj started this petition to Amulya Patnaik Commissioner of Police Delhi and

PS: We are doing a peace march from Arvind Bhartis home, C5/17, Yamuna Vihar to Bhajan pura police station on 23rd December, Saturday 4pm onwards. Call 9891122555 - Nitin Bharti for any query. Join if you can. 


Mr. Amulya Patnaik, Commissioner of Police, Delhi

Mr. Ravindra Yadav, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi

Mr. A K Singla, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North East Delhi

Respected Sir/s,

Arvind Bharti, a young lawyer and a resident of Yamuna Vihar, committed suicide on 15th December 2017 in Delhi, by jumping in front of a train after continued harassment by his wife for years as alleged in his suicide note and evidences left behind as recordings in his mobile phone. It has been seven days and No FIR has been lodged against people who he held responsible for his extreme step even after 7 days of him ending his life. He has left several suicide notes including a 13 page suicide note that he wrote day before taking the extreme step, detailing the torture he underwent and how his ex-wife had made his and his families life hell by filing false cases, beating him up, getting him thrown out of any job he did and threatening him that if he doesn't commit suicide, she will ensure he dies a painful death. He has also alleged assault by policemen of Bhajanpura police station and has claimed that he was implicated in a false rape case for which he had to spend 15 days behind bars. He has mentioned how any complaint of his against his wife was never entertained leading him to a step like suicide.

I along with petitioners undersigned request you to kindly register a complaint against those who have abetted Arvind's suicide and take strict action against them and all those who helped them to harass this man. Please investigate all the cases registered between the couple and assess what led to this extreme step by this man. It is sad that you arrest a man merely on words of a woman while even such a long suicide note doesn't serve as an evidence enough to initiate a complaint least some action.


Why is Justice so difficult for men if they are abused by a woman in India? How many men like Arvind Bharti need to commit suicide for police and our lawmakers to take their complaints and problems seriously?

Here are some translated excerpts from Arvind's suicide note:

My name is Arvind Bharti S/O Sh. R.S.Bharti R/O Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053. Today evening date 13/12/2017, my ex-wife Richa alias Kajal once again came to my office and fought with me and snatched my office bag carrying my very important documents and a laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad) given to me by my company and also a cheque filled up by my boss of more than Rs. 32 Lakhs in favour of ‘Redington India’ which was supposed to be given to ‘Redington India’. The bag also contained my purse having my ID Card along with my 2 ATM cards and some cash. My ex-wife forcibly snatched the bag which is not done by her for the first time.

Actually she is in a habit to come and fight with me wherever I go, either it’s a job place or any place where I go to study. She always comes and fight with me on the road itself and create such a scene at work place that I am fired out from my job. Even after getting Divorced, she is troubling me till date and always threatening me to implicate me and my family into false cases. And on 24/04/2017, she with one of her companions/ friends thrashed me badly and lodged false complaint of Rape. Not only this, she also took me to Bhajanpura Thana where I was again beaten up by my ex-wife and the policemen there. She threatened me of filing a false rape case against me and forcibly brought me to her home. At her home, her father Rakesh Thakur and her mother Kiran Thakur removed all my clothes and kept me in a room in the interior portion of their house on the first floor for 4 days. For all these 4 days I was kept completely without food and water. She along with her whole family have tortured me very badly till the time my father and my elder brother Vipin Bharti brought police to their home on 28/04/2017. Police rescued me from their house naked and unclothed. When my ex-wife feared of being caught, she put false allegation of rape on me for which I was sent to jail for 15 days. The day I am out
from the jail on bail, she is regularly following me and wherever I go, she comes behind and try to defame me. For many days I did not come out of my home and the day I stepped out of my home, she followed me and ruin my image. Last month on
16/11/2017, when I went to Gurgaon for my company’s official work, she came to my
office at Jasola with my photograph and started telling everyone that the person in the photograph is my husband and he has absconded leaving me and my daughter. She also took my Boss Santosh Chaudhary’s number from the internet and called him number of times threatening him of the dire consequences if he won’t throw me out from the job. My boss fired me from the job on 22/11/2017.

She has already filed and trapped me into a false Dowry case from which I was discharged in 2013. But for each and every lie and false complaint of a woman, a man has to bear a lot. Till date I am suffering and bearing lot of trouble and harassment for the false case filed by her. The court as well as the police knows the facts and the truth within, still everyone blames the man for no fault of his. Today also Richa harassed me a lot. She does this day and night. “If u could not be
mine, I won’t let you be of anyone else.” Whenever I try to move further in my life and get married to someone, she comes and ruins my life again. Richa keeps on telling me that “I won’t let you live, better you do suicide.” And I know this that till the time I am alive, she will keep on torturing me and the law and police will fully support her. Without knowing or probing the truth. I am fed up with my life and can’t live my life like this. My life is worst than an animal’s life.

Richa can do anything with the support of police and I keep on bearing this. I am fed up of Richa’s threats. All the time she suggests me to die and commit suicide. Or else she will kill me. I have proofs of each and every thing I am writing and telling in my phone recordings, where I am tortured by Richa. She keeps on calling me day and night and I don’t pick up a call, she starts threatening me of filing a rape case on me again and won’t get bail this time. She takes money from me again and again and then threatens me. I know this very well that even court, law and police act as handicaps in front of a woman. I won’t be free from the clutches of this woman in this life, nor will get justice.

Laws and courts are only for women. Men become convicts the day they take birth.
I know this very well that even my last letter would not bring any change and the women will keep on making fun of these laws and courts but I am shattered now and cannot bear this anymore. I cannot live this shameful/ third class life anymore. And I am ending my life today. I am very badly shattered and fed up of Richa’s day and night torture. Richa is of criminal nature from the very beginning and thousands of times she has beaten me of which I have filed a case u/s 307 IPC in Chandigarh courts and another case u/s 323/326 IPC running at Tees hazari Court wherein I have submitted a video footage also in the court. Richa had relations with many people from the very beginning which was the reason for our fights. Today also she makes relations with someone else and threatens me to get my bail cancelled on an allegation of getting raped by me. She also says “the police and court will only listen to what I will tell them as you have already seen”. She only wants to keep me to give name to her illicit relationships, or else she will again get me jailed and the law and court is always there to help and support her.

I cannot live life like this anymore. I don’t have courage to live this cheap and
ghatiya/third class life. And today I am ending up my life with this Dying Declaration. The blind and bogus law and my ex-wife Richa are responsible for my suicide/death. After my death, kindly handover my body only to my father Sh. Radhey Shyam Bharti

To get all the proofs of whatever I have said, please do check my mobile phone for the saved voice recordings.
Arvind Bharti


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!