End Slavery in Arab Gulf Countries #SayNoToArabSlavery

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Modern day slavery is a massive issue in the Arab world, Gulf countries are constantly abusing the Human Rights of Black, South Asian and East Asian migrant workers. Workers have their passports confiscated, their food contaminated with sand, they are abused and tortured physically and mentally. Many migrant workers are forced to endure terrible living conditions and are imprisoned by their "Madams" and "Sirs." 

We need to raise awareness and we need to put an end to Modern Day Slavery within the Gulf Arab countries, Slavery is not okay and it never will be. Many migrant workers are desperate, they need money to feed their families, however once they reach the homes of their Madams and Sirs they are stripped of their rights.

The Kafala Sponsorship system needs to be abolished, this system ties workers to their employers, promoting human rights abuses and exploitation. Many workers have their pay withheld for months, even years.

We need to take action in order to better the lives of the Migrant workers that face Slavery. Slavery must be abolished and those committing the crime must be held accountable.