American Owners Out!

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For nearly 4 years now we’ve been disappointed by Jason Leiven and Steve Kaplan. Last night we heard the news of Huw Jenkins “resigning” as chairman, but what allegedly happened was the owners were willing to sell anyone including Dan James, until Huw stopped the deal going through, this eventually lead to the resignation of Huw Jenkins. Their main aims is the cutting of the wage bill, well what about Wayne Rooney at their other club DC United who is on a huge  £310,000 a week! Swansea City AFC is not a club that is going to be used to sell all our talents take all the profits and fund another club! I’m sure with the support of the Trust, Fans, Players, Graham Potter, staff and even Huw Jenkins I’m sure we can kick the Yanks out of our club. You are not wanted here in South Wales, leave please!

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