SHUTDOWN ILLEGAL Sanctioned Suicide​.​Com Stop the encouragement of suicide that they give

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I am starting this petition in order to get Sanctioned Suicide website shut down. Many people have lost their loved ones to suicide with the aid or encouragement of this website. They claim to be just a pro choice place for people to discuss topics without judgement, etc. That is not the case. They have many people posting by the hour or more about taking their life and instead of help being offered, they are receiving encouragement and even ideas or ways to successfully commit suicide. 

This statement came directly from the founder of the Sanctioned Suicide website who would not give his real identity to where I obtained this statement:  "It is a place for people to find help and a place to vent," Apollo, the pseudonymous founder of the site, told Motherboard, "as well as a place to find a suitable way of choosing to end their own lives, if that is their desire."​

I found out about this website whenever it was posted on a Facebook group called Kelli lost her teenage son, Junior  in April  and found this site open on his phone. The list of victims  is getting longer and longer and the site is trying to delete threads, clean up and hide things every since she has gone public. 

I lost my brother to suicide on October. 16, 2011 and wish daily I could've helped or saved him. Mental health is a very serious illness and those with suicidal ideation should be offered the help and support that they need. This website does the exact opposite! Mothers have lost children and found this website still open on their phone/tablet/computer, etc. It is a horrible place that feeds on those who are feeding on the most vulnerable people they possibly can. 

With your help, I want to SHUT THIS WEBSITE DOWN FOR GOOD! I want to STOP them from helping more people complete suicide. They may not be holding the gun but they are providing the bullets, if you will. As a person who suffers from mental health myself, it is essential to get proper help and it is out there! Let's HELP these beautiful people instead of aiding in their suicide. It's a very real thing and it needs to be brought to light! Help me to help so many others by signing my petition! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you choose to add your signature. Please see FIXTHE26.COM for more information on how to help. God Bless.