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Amend the Federal Trust Responsibility to Apply to Descendants of Slaves

Since slavery, the federal civil rights laws in the United States have not been successful in protecting the descendants of Africans living in America.  The descendants of Africans in the United States had their sovereign rights usurped by American colonists as evident in chattel slavery.  Thus, we, as Africans living in America, have never been recognized as a sovereign people who have lost their sovereign rights by way of the transatlantic slave trade. We have waited too long for equal protection and justice under the law; whereas other groups have greater protection and justice under the law than Africans living in the United States.  

Similarly, to the Native Americans, our land along with our people, resources, and our identity as a sovereign people has been usurped by American colonists. Like the Native Americans, land was promised to us as a recompense for slavery and as a major step to govern ourselves and our land as a sovereign people. However, the federal government afforded Native Americans the Marshall Trilogy which established sovereign status and protection for Native Americans; while procuring federal civil rights laws governing our American citizenship, but not our African sovereignty.

From 1823-1832, after a series of US Supreme Court cases called the Marshall Trilogy, a federal trust for sovereignty was created for the Native Americans that procured for them special essential services, status, and protection.  As such, based on similar grounds of the Marshall Trilogy, African descendants in America deserve similar and expanded legal protections and guarantees  -  for instance, a sovereign federal trust for the security and well-being of Black  people originating from Africa.  

 The legal precedent is set forth in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 30 U.S. 1 (1831). In that case,  the Native Americans were legally classified as "domestic dependent nations" and their geo-political relationship with the United States resembled that of a ward to his guardian according to 30 U.S. at 16-17. It is from this legal precedent and metaphor that the doctrine of federal trust responsibility to the Native Americans were federally established and secured.

The Supreme Court, in defining the trust responsibility for Native Americans has held that:

"[The federal government] has charged itself with moral obligations of the highest responsibility and trust. Its conduct, as disclosed in the acts of those who represent it in dealing with the Indians, should therefore be judged by the most exacting fiduciary standards, " as evident in Seminole Nation v. United States, 316 U.S. 286, 296-97 (1941).

We believe this language also applies to descendants of the American Slave now called "African Americans", "Black Americans" or "Blacks".

Currently, a federal trust for sovereign rights is the only vehicle that will give the African descendants in the United States a true path to independent power and supreme authority to govern our own people, community, state, and affairs. Federal civil rights legislation simply demonstrates that we are only American by name, and somewhat by citizenship where our status (rights and duties) as Americans are always being trumped as evident in the Trayvon Martin verdict and our sliding socio-economic and socio-political status.

The doleful data regarding our considerable rates of poverty, incarceration, ignorance, drug use, criminal activity, fractured families, poor health, inferior education, deplorable housing, homelessness, mental illness, unemployment, etc., have not been obstructed by the Emancipation Proclamation and federal civil rights legislation. 

Moreover, historically and presently, America has absolutely no regard for our humanity (feelings, wishes, traditions, and rights) as evident in chattel slavery, sharecropping, peonage system, Jim Crow, and post-racial America. Furthermore, this disregard is illustrated, but not limited to the Southern Lynchings, the Tulsa Race Riots - "Black Wall Street", RoseWood, New York City Draft Riots, Chicago Race Riots, Detroit Race Riots, Rodney King Race Riots, COINTELPRO, the Central Park Five, and the rape and abuse of Tawana Brawley and other Black children.   It is also amplified by the individual senseless murders of Emmit Till, Micheal Stewart, Amadou Diallo, Yusef Hawkins, Oscar Grant, Eleanor Bumpers, and now Trayvon Martin, who like the others, had absolutely no federal protection because sovereign rights are imperceptible to us, while civil rights are "democratically" manifested. Simply put, it is our belief and analysis that a federal responsibility trust based on establishing our sovereignty will remedy our sliding existence and subpar humanity in America.

Please sign the petition and ask your Congressional representative for a "Bill" to establish a "Federal Responsibility Trust" and "Sovereign Rights"  for African descendants in America.

For additional information on the "Federal Responsibility Trust" and "Africa Sovereign Rights," please read the following article: -


Petition prepared by Patrick Delices and Reginald Mabry

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Amend the Federal Trust Responsibility to apply to descendants of Slaves

In light of the shooting Death of Trayvon Martin with the recent Zimmerman Verdict and countless other cases where African People are the Victims but court decisions for redress are often left to Juries, Judges, and prosecutors who put their interest of protecting White America over the rights of descendant of Africans slaves living in America, descendants of African slaves in America must now seek greater protection than the existing Federal and Civil Rights Laws.

We believe the protection we need is in an 1880 Doctrine called the “Federal Trust Responsibility” created out of the Marshall Trilogy. We believe that the document though originally targeted for the plight of the Native American can now be expanded to include the Descendants of the African Slave – now called “Black People”, “African Americans”, “Blacks”.
Descendants of African Slaves living in America are not like other immigrants; our plight is rooted in the illegal institution of slavery to work the land the Native Americans were forced off of. Though other immigrants contribute greatly to the greatness of America, America has a greater responsibility to the descendants of American Slavery. Slavery was based on Race and America cannot be cured of systemic racism without America creating a Federal Trust Responsibility to provide this greater protection.

Every time, a descendant of the American Slave is victimized by a White American, we have to go through the legal process on a case by case basis left to a jury or a judge in the capsule of systemic racism. On a case by case basis, Black families then have to endure the court case and many times it does not reach a Jury or Judge and in the case of the Zimmeman case, we are now met with well-financed special interest groups who out maneuver state prosecutors. Black Families and their communities must rally, protest, threaten boycott and practically beg for Federal Intervention.
We believe that the Doctrine of Federal Responsibility already decided in the Marshall Trilogy for Native Americans can be expanded to take in account the fact that simply freeing American Slaves is not enough and that the U.S. Government has greater responsibility and should expand the doctrine to the descendants of the American Slave.

Please introduce a "Bill" to expand the "Federal Responsibility Trust Responsibility" and "Sovereign Rights" for African descendants in America.

For further information See SAMUEL A. WORCESTER, PLAINTIFF IN ERROR v. THE STATE OF GEORGIA.Supreme Court of United States. See:
Petition prepared by Reginald A. Mabry and Patrick Delices

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