Amend the Criminal Joint Venture Theory

Amend the Criminal Joint Venture Theory

November 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Eddie Mack

In a group of people the actions of one individual should not constitute the actions of all other individuals.” - Author Unknown

Our Organization “ We Are Joint Venture ”  mission is to EDUCATE others on the injustice of the joint venture theory. BRING LIGHT to the racial disparity in the criminal justice system. EXPOSE the flaws in the indictment process. IDENTIFY a solution, while WORKING WITH legislators to push for legislation change.

What our organization means to us:

We Are Joint Venture, is a project under the Harriet Tubman Organization. Formed by a group of men at MCI Norfolk sentenced for murders while never committing said crime. We are trying to shed light on the systematic injustice that is devastating the black and brown communities throughout Massachusetts. “Black Americans are incarcerated in state prisons at nearly 5 times the rate of White Americans. Nationally, 1 and 81 Black adults in the U.S are serving time in a state prison with the highest ethnic disparities being in Massachusetts which reports an ethnic differential of 4.1:1. 

Our primary objective is to amend the language used to incriminate non principal actors based off of a perceived state of mind and foresight before the act. Especially in regards to murder cases. There is no law of 'joint enterprise': no statute, no doctrine, just a tag which is applied disproportionately against black and brown defendants. Sentencingnon principle actors with the same severity as the principle. In some cases the principle is walking around freely while the non principle is serving a life sentence for a crime they never committed or were never even present.

Our district attorney’s are aware of this grave miscarriage of justice but it is easier to abide by a system that continues to perpetuate the negative ideologies that surround our black and brown communities. If someone actually commits a crime we believe that justice should be served, we are not asking to free the guilty but we are asking for fair and just sentencing for those that have little to no involvement of the acts that they are being accused of.  The fact people are being exonerated daily is proof to the fact that our legal system has holes that need to be addressed and rectified. This “theory” has not only taken multitudes of men and women away from their families for decades, but is still being used to continue the herding of minorities via the prison system.  

With your help we can bring an end to the erasure of the true meaning of legal justice. 

Please join us and our families in our pursuit to dismantle these inequitable laws that have ravaged our homes and communities for too long. Our vision and mission is boundless and our reach is limited at MCI- Norfolk. This is where you come in. Help magnify the voices of those silenced by a disproportionate legal system daily.

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Signatures: 983Next Goal: 1,000
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