Keep AMC Classic 8 in Madisonville

Keep AMC Classic 8 in Madisonville

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Started by Bryant Barnett

Though it's not a very large town, Madisonville has a really special place in all the resident's hearts. With it being such a tight-knit community, we all want our town to be the best place it can possibly be, not only for ourselves, but for future generations who choose to follow in our footsteps and live their lives here. 

However, since it is such a small community, it can be incredibly difficult to find entertainment in our town. Yes, you can go bowling, maybe grab a bite to eat with friends, but one of the most basic forms of entertainment - watching movies - is about to leave our community. 

AMC Corporate has decided that it would be a good decision to remove AMC Classic 8 from Madisonville, Kentucky, leaving us with one less form of fun than what we had before. Though, yes, to the common eye, this theatre may seem like what it sounds like. Just another movie theater. But to us in Madisonville, this theatre means so much more than that. It's our escape. It's our place to get excited for the latest Avengers film. It's our place to go with friends on a rainy day. But, AMC as a company doesn't seem to realize this. 

Not only will this decision take out one of the ONLY forms of entertainment Madisonville has, but it also takes the jobs of the people that worked so hard to make sure guests felt the magical experience of visiting the movie theater. I am one of those people. Working at AMC is a pleasure I am so grateful to have, and though I haven't worked there long, I would like to be able to continue a job I love, along with all of my co-workers. 

Removing AMC is a decision that will affect Madisonville to its core. All we ask is that AMC Corporate please please PLEASE reconsider their decision so that we all can still experience our favorite movies in our town. This is the only chance we have. Madisonville doesn't have much left. We need our theatre. We can't afford to lose it. Please sign so we have somewhat of a chance to keep Madisonville alive.

5,157 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!