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Cancel Focus on the Family's Screening of "Irreplaceable"

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Focus on the Family, an anti-gay right wing organization has created and is sponsoring a film via Fathom Events called "Irreplaceable", to be screened at AMC and Cinemark Theatres nationwide on May 6th, 2014. The trailer for the film is now showing before previews at mainstream movies and makes it appear as though it is an innocent documentary about family and marriage but further investigation reveals that this is actually anti-LGBT propaganda. Here is the extended trailer:

Organizations such as Focus on the Family have done so much harm to LGBT families and youth in America. It is organizations such as these that try to fool people into thinking reparative therapy is legitimate and that any family that does not have one father and one mother is not valid or worthy.

Although Focus on the Family has caused so much harm to so many, this is America and they are allowed to be hateful bigots. What is not acceptable is the fact that they are trying to pass this film off as a fair-minded or even "feel good" documentary about love, family, and marriage. This is not a documentary. This is ant-gay propaganda. Furthermore, it is unacceptable for mainstream theatres to allow this to play at their cineplexes nationwide, as if this were a legitimate film. Fair-minded Americans should not tolerate this kind of deception.

This petition is trying to do is send a message to AMC Theatres and Cinemark Theatres that it should not support anti-gay propaganda. Our hope is to show them that Americans will not tolerate this kind of bigotry at our local movie theatres and that they will cancel their screenings of this program. This is not your typical kind of movie. It is not meant to inform or entertain. It is clearly meant to persuade people into believing their agenda: that hundreds of thousands (if not more) LGBT (or single parent) families are not worthy of love and support. 

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Links to the theatres' respective websites for "Irreplaceable":

UPDATE: Here is a video clip from Focus on the Family's website regarding how to talk to your teenager about being gay. In case there was any doubt, this shows how irresponsible and dangerous this group is:





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