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Bring Back Troy Otto

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Troy Otto is a former antagonist as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He was a formerly high-ranking member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community. He is described as having a “wild temperament” and being “charismatic with a cruel streak", and is the youngest child of Jeremiah and Tracy and half-brother to Jake. Described by AMC as having "embraced the violence of the apocalypse", with his "isolationist viewpoint" of being "intensely suspicious of outsiders" having allowed him to be "better-suited for leading in this new post-apocalyptic world" after having a hateful mother and drunk negligent father. Troy was the last surviving member of his family. Fear The Walking Dead killed off Troy with a smack to the head with a hammer Sunday during the season finale. This character still had so much more to offer in the upcoming seasons and feels like a waste for him to be killed this early on... There’s still ways this character can be brought back we’ve seen it happen before with other characters on different AMC series. The end of season 3 episode 16 Troy hadn’t turned infected and the water from the dam flooded the room where he was left. If Troy was brought back this could be used as a way for his survival.

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