Amazon and Prime Video, stop release of the racist “Borat 2” film in the UK and worldwide

Amazon and Prime Video, stop release of the racist “Borat 2” film in the UK and worldwide

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Lola Askarova started this petition to Ofcom and

Sacha Baron Cohen, a wealthy white man, decided to pick a real country, a small nation of Kazakhstan inhabited by Kazakhs, majority of whom are Asian, and so people of colour, and racially abuse, culturally appropriate and mock their culture, traditions and people for crude racist laughs and profit. It is year 2020, we see firsthand the toll that racism has on people's lives, yet this racist film openly berating, bullying and traumatising a nation of people of colour somehow is acceptable entertainment meeting Amazon's values? 

I am British but also Kazakh. Those who have been to our country know that Kazakhstan is a beautiful country and Kazakhs are famous for their hospitality. More than 100 nations co-exist peacefully there and historically it served as a refuge for those fleeing war and political oppression. Kazakhs are well educated and live all over the world. We have rich cultural heritage which has been twisted and stereotyped by Mr Cohen twice, first in Borat and now in Borat 2. All cast in his films are non Kazakh, in fact they are predominantly white. 

If Mr Cohen was mocking Chinese, Black people, Native Americans, Jewish or any other such “high profile” nationality, there would have been an international uproar and he would have been outcast with studios refusing to work with him. Why is our small nation a fair game? Is racism acceptable in our case? 

I can’t stand by like I did at the release of the first film in 2006 and suffer in silence together with my friends, family, fellow Kazakhs as we watch and gasp in horror, helplessly, at our ancestors’ traditions and heritage being disrespected, perversely twisted and crudely mocked for cheap racist laughs. Since the release of Borat, many Kazakhs have experienced mental turmoil, suffering and extreme insult. Many of us have to explain to our giggling white friends that this portrayal of us is fake and wrong. Our children are at risk of bullying. Amazon and Prime Video can not support Borat 2. Not in 2020. 

I want Amazon to see that Borat is no different from blackface. A white person takes on a Kazakh - Asian - persona and then culturally appropriates and belittles everything we stand for. We, Kazakhs, are a small nation, but it does not mean we can be targets for racism. 

Mr Cohen says his target is Trump and racist Americans. If this was the case, he could have created a mock country, however instead he chose to openly bully, humiliate and dehumanise a nation of people of colour. I believe Mr Cohen himself is a closeted racist who enjoys making fun of people of a different race. 

No one should stream or support Borat 2, it should be boycotted and Mr Cohen has to stop being a racist bully. He needs to urgently and honestly address his white privilege and reassess his racist portrayal of a Kazakh nation. He should apologise to all Kazakhs - like my 9 year old son or my 86 year old grandmother - for the crude cultural appropriation, for all mental suffering inflicted on us over the years as a result of his racist twisted portrayal of our traditions and culture and donate the significant profits he made off Borat to Kazakhstan charities and charities fighting racism. 

Fellow Asians, people of colour and woke, aware white people, please support us in boycotting Borat 2 and calling on Amazon and Prime Video in banning this crude portrayal of an ancient and rich Central Asian culture by a wealthy and powerful “celebrity” who is allowed to continue to publicly racially abuse the whole nation and profiteer from it. Mr Cohen is Harvey Weinstein of racism. 

If you can, please join me and: 

1. tweet at and complain to @Amazon, @AmazonUK and @PrimeVideo 
2. complain to Jeff Bezos at and to Prime Video 
3. complain to Ofcom 
tweet at or email British or your local mass media to raise awareness of this racist story
4. if there are lawyers who are happy to bring a racism or defamation case against Sacha Baron Cohen, Amazon and Prime Video for all damages Borat and Borat 2 inflicted on Kazakh people, pro bono, please get in touch. 

On behalf of all Kazakh people, thank you. 

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