Allow Port Adelaide to wear its black-and-white Prison Bar guernsey in AFL Showdowns

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The Port Adelaide Football Club was established in 1870.
It entered the AFL competition in 1997 as the only true community club in its own right from outside of Victoria.
This petition is in support of Port Adelaide’s bid to wear its traditional black-and-white Prison Bar guernsey in all Showdowns.

Every sports fan around the world has passion and a connection with their team. That's what this issue is about, at a time when Clubs and competitions are being reminded that they are nothing without their fans. Sport brings people together. It generates passion and unity at a time where the world needs it most.

For a Club like Port Adelaide, tradition and heritage is everything – 150 years to be exact. It gives people identity and a sense of belonging. Football Clubs mean more to people than just football and their team. They connect people and families across generations – grandparents sharing stories with their grandkids. It is powerful, emotive and it’s about much more than sport itself.

A guernsey is not simply a uniform – it's about identity, about meaning and about purpose. This is why the traditional prison bar guernsey is so important for OUR people. It’s not just what we wear, it’s about who we are and where we have come from.

And when you’re celebrating 150 years of tradition like we are, that’s important.

Just like it is for every other sports team and their fans all around the world ….

Please sign this petition as we seek the AFL’s support in wearing our traditional Prison Bar guernsey in Showdowns from now on.

Please note: This petition is free to sign, the Port Adelaide Football Club is not seeking any donations. Any message that asks for a donation is not from the club.