Allow pets in NJ Breweries

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Since the brewery I work for opened, we’ve welcomed well-behaved, leashed dogs.  Two dog-loving years have passed without incident.  People enjoy bringing their pets, whether they be dogs, rabbits, and even the occasional parrot. We are animal lovers at the brewery, and even have an in- house brew dog.  We have always welcomed animals and children as we are a family establishment, and want to be a place where everyone gathers to relax and unwind. Pet owners all realize that they are a part of your family.  We are committed to our customers being able to be able to continue these experiences, and fully support them.  We even provide healthy home made dog treats and supply water for our four-legged friends. We have never seen an issue with having pets in the brewery, but that all came to a halt yesterday, April 19th.

Up until these past few months, dogs have been welcomed in breweries that allowed it across the state. Recently, breweries have began getting Cease and Desists about allowing pets in their own businesses by local Health Departments due to “complaints”.  The wording of breweries as “retail food establishments” is confusing, as breweries already are not allowed to serve food, so this classification is inherently wrong.

Aside from this classification, we believe the main issue is that business owners should be able to choose how they run their own business. Small business is what drives our communities, and holding them back because of archaic and/or unfitting laws is no way to support growth.  We ask that the state lawmakers review the current law, realize that there is a major difference between what a “retail food establishment” does, and what we actually do at breweries across the state.

I encourage the lawmakers and anyone in the position to make a change to come out to these breweries and take a tour to see what actually goes on.