Allow Old EV Tax Incentives to Continue until End Of 2022

Allow Old EV Tax Incentives to Continue until End Of 2022

August 16, 2022
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Started by Eddie Gonzalez

To President Joe Biden, Congress, and IRS:

Today, August 16, 2022, the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) was signed into law. This legislation is great in many ways for the USA in the long term, however. In the short term, this is quite frankly disastrous for many.

This legislation imposes extremely stringent requirements on the sourcing of materials and the manufacturing of EVs.The majority of EVs, about 70%(Reuters), will be disqualified from any buyers getting any incentives on their purchases. The few that do qualify have at the same time had their prices raised considerably to cover the same rebate.

A good example is Ford raising their prices up to $8,500 for their vehicles now qualifying for the new incentives.

This affects many who already have reservations for Vehicles that have yet not been delivered due to supply chain constraints because of the Pandemic. This is quite unfair to reservation holders who have also already paid deposits on their EV purchases. Many of them refundable because of the nature of the Auto industry. This also leaves many EV customers out in the cold. As a result of being priced out and having to consider a gas vehicle, many people are forced to make the painful decision of forgoing an EV purchase. Either that or just plainly not purchasing a new car altogether.

This makes many of us upset that what this bill is intended to do is going to have the exact opposite effect. Instead of helping increase EV adoption, this is stifling it for a few years. Manufacturers simply do not have the resources to manufacture in the United States at the rate required to take advantage of these incentives.

For the sake of slowing down global warming, it is crucial for our planet to increase EV adoption at a much higher pace.

The least that could be done to help is to allow everyone to claim the old EV Tax Incentives for vehicles with manufacturers who currently haven't met the allotted 200,000 EV sales cap until the end of 2022.

This would allow for the continued growth of EV sales and adoption. It would also allow additional time for the New EV Incentives to be properly enacted. 

Please don't leave us out in the cold. Think about how EV car sales will be stifled for a few years while manufacturers try to rebuild here in America. We need your help to save our planet.

If the EV incentives go away immediately, many will have no other choice than to push their EV adoption further into the future, therefore hurting our only place to live, our Earth.

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Signatures: 334Next Goal: 500
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