Allow External Asset Mods on Fallout 4/Skyrim on the Playstation 4!


Day 1:

Enough is enough. We have been waiting for Mods for the Ps4 so long and waited and waited until you assholes at Sony blocked it today just now -9/9/2016 We the gamers have enough of your BS! You said you will do this for the gamers! ha lies 

You lost our trust after this conflict and I ain't gonna waste my money on another Playstation you throw at us. Until you allow Bethesda to Release Fallout 4 mods on the System.

Day 2: I'm sorry I have cussed at you Sony but I'm really am. 

The things you have done to us fans have really broke our hearts. We been waiting for months and months when they confirmed that they were working on this mod on the Ps4 by promising us that 'Bethesda' Will help bring mod support which you in the end made a bad decision which me and the Fallout community never understand I mean sure you are worried about someone hacking your server, but it isn't gonna work that way, since this idea has worked on Xbone since Ik it worked out well for them in the end so why not us?!?!? why waste our time and Bethesda when you blocked the mods for no reason this doesn't make sense at all Sony, Since right after you block Mod support I wasn't happy at all of what you did. You really made me pissed off. I'm a huge ass Fallout fan who played Fallout 1 and 2 and even 3 was my first Fallout game I have played and was heart broken after I heard that you officially blocked it, please Sony I'm begging you to unblock it so many fans of the series can support the game without having to worried about waiting for the next sequel of the game which make sense. So please Sony accept Bethesda Decision to make this happen. If so I will forgive you. Don't archive or lock this thread at all. Since we wasted our time keeping this petition please Sony do this for the Players. Since they don't want to even fork off more money on another console or an expensive pc if you chose to not accept their plan then I'm planning on not to buy another console from you and many would do the same thing. So please don't screw it up for us fans of the series and Bethesda too. Or else their future games will not be released on your console anymore due to your bad decision please accept it Sony. Sincerely the -Fans of Fallout and Playstation



Don't read my bad grammatical paragraphs' read the comments of why fans of the series wanted Mod support very bad.

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