Allow dogs at motorway services!

Allow dogs at motorway services!

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I know the warm weather has past but no dog owner should leave their pet in a car on their own. In warm weather, it can get like an oven in a car and it’s torture for them. But also by leaving them alone in a car or outside for any period of time puts them at risk of being stolen. That’s why I’m calling on motorway service giants Moto, Welcome Break and Roadchef to allow dogs inside their buildings.

I would love to be able to stop at motorway services with the peace of mind about the welfare of my dog. But right now, dogs aren’t allowed in these service stations. It leaves two options when travelling: leave my dog in the car, subjecting her to extreme heat and suffering, or leave her outside the services and vulnerable to being stolen. 60 dogs are stolen every week in the UK, 12% of these are stolen from being left alone in a car or public space, so really none of these options work.

Some dog owners may feel forced to pick one of those options, putting their pets at risk. Other dog owners like me feel that the ‘no dogs inside’ policy prevents us from using the services at all.

If Moto, Welcome Break and Roadchef make this one change, it would mean fewer dogs suffer and fewer dogs are stolen.

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