Cancellation of ib exams for generations 2020 2021

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Unesco affirms that more than 850 million students have interrupted their studies due to the spread of covid 19.As students of 2021 diploma, as a generation , we believe that an adjustment or change in the examination process or its cancellation is completely just and necessary for the currrent two generations of the 1st and 2nd year of diploma.

We are studying the 1st year of IB and it is the most important since it will help us get the hang of the process and that in the last year everything It is easier and we already have most of our skills developed but as we go, homeschooling is not helping us because we do not have a guide that exploits the capabilities of each student to the maximum and it will be much more difficult than it is to enter the 2nd year of diploma. 
Compiling the phrase Silberman said, “From what I hear, I forget. What I hear and see I remember. From what I hear, see and ask questions or talk about it with other people, I begin to understand. From what I hear, see, speak and do, I learn knowledge and skills. What I have taught to another, I have mastered. ”(Moreira, 2004, p.3) Corroborating with the aforementioned information, I affirm that the lack of communication between other people limits our ability to understand better, taking into account that all the students who make up the diploma of the international baccalaureate  do not want to underestimate our effort involved during these years.

With so little time to graduate we do not want to throw away all the knowledge acquired so far and submit to the exams knowing that time played against us.