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Petitioning Companies that use palm oil

All companies that use palm oil: Stop using it in your products


The palm oil trade is the biggest threat facing orangutans today. Rainforests are being cleared at the rate of 300 football fields per hour to make way for oil palm plantations. Estimates show that if something is not done soon to stop the spread of these plantations, orangutans will be extinct within 10-20 years. It is also not only orangutans that are suffering due to the palm oil industry. Species such as tigers, rhinos and elephants are also in danger.

We urge everyone to educate themselves when it comes to what products contain palm oil and what different names palm oil can be listed as (for more information, see But more importantly, we want to urge all companies that use palm oil in their products to reconsider their actions and to pledge to go palm oil free.
We want these companies to know that as consumers we would rather purchase products that do not use palm oil and we believe that an alternative ingredient must exist. If we get enough signatures and support we will send this petition to some of these companies... So please sign and share!

Letter to
Companies that use palm oil
The environmental, social and economic impacts of the palm oil industry are devastating and extensive. The increasing expansion of palm oil plantations is rapidly contributing to the demise of some of the world’s most bio-diverse tropical rainforest,exacerbating global climate change, promoting wide spread social unrest and facilitating in vicious cycle of corruption.

As investigated you have a very high use of Palm Oil and am writing to ask you to either stop using or use sustainable sources.

Despite palm oil’s potential to become a “major source of sustainable and renewable raw material" for the world’s food, oleochemical and biofuel industries, it's production has instead resulted in mass deforestation, social upheaval and near extinction of several animal species. These endangered species include the Sumatran Tiger, the Sumatran Orangutan, the Bornean Orangutan and many more..

A report published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2007 stated that palm oil plantations are currently the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia.

I am writing to you as a consumer to personally let you know that I would be much more inclined to purchase your products if they were free of palm oil, and to urge you to re-evaluate your stance on this important issue.

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