We oppose Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016

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Why this bill is a big threat to Assam?
    The Citizenship Amendment Bill (নাগৰিকত্ব সংশোধনী বিল ২০১৬) is not sitting right with the Assamese as it violates the Assam Accord of 1985, According to the Assam Accord, illegal migrants who had entered Assam from Bangladesh after March 25, 1971, were to be deported. But this bill sets very different terms as It would render the Assam Accord meaningless and directly affect the identity of the Assamese and the other indigenous communities of the state. Moreover the ruling govt. wants to grant citizenship to Hindus who migrated to India from Bangladesh after they were subjected to persecution in the neighbouring country. The ongoing NRC-updating process will also be badly affected, if the bill is passed as has been proposed. 
#How Assamese peoples are going to get affected:-
1.“Assam will be the worst affected because while a large number of Hindus from Bangladesh have already illegally entered the state in the past several decades, more would come and seek to stay here, in the process causing a further damage to the state’s demography and reduce the Assamese and other indigenous communities into a minority.”
2.  “This Bill will endanger language and culture of Assam and change the state’s demography once for all,”

#What The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, Says

Th Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, grants residence and citizenship to illegal migrants belonging to the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, Christian or other religious communities coming from neigbouring countries (mostly from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan) According to the bill, those migrants who arrived in India deported who arrived in India on or before December 31, 2014, cannot be deported or imprisoned.

The proposed bill also makes the required changes so that these people can be made eligible for citizenship. It also specifies that the minimum number years of residency in India to apply for citizenship should be lessened from at 11 to six years for such people. Interestingly, the bill’s provisions do not seem to extend to illegal Muslim migrants, as of now. Neither does it talk about other minority communities in the neighbouring countries, such as Jews, Bahais etc.