Algonquin SA keep the ALGONQUIN THUNDER name!

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Algonquin Varsity Athletes have taken great pride over the years in our school, our work on the court or field, and our name. Thunder. We, along with our teammates, coaches, athletics staff and support staff, put in hundreds of hours and made many sacrifices to wear the Thunder badge.

The hours of blood, sweat and tears are why we are incredibly disappointed to learn of the decision to change our team nickname from the Thunder to the Wolves by the Algonquin Student Association (SA). Made even worse, was the way they went about this change.

Earlier this year, for some reason the SA decided they wanted to rebrand the college name.  They did not engage current athletes or alumni about this rebrand or solicit feedback, nor did they get feedback from coaches and other decision-makers in the Thunder athletics community. In February, the SA launched a survey for all students, staff and alumni to vote on the name change which was heavily promoted at the College and on social media as a chance for the college community to have a say in the name change.  They decided to include the following names in the survey: Thunder, Wolves, Good Wolves and Grey Wolves.  The SA wanted to have a name that has a strong connection to Canada's indigenous communities and would be an offer as part of the Truth and Reconciliation process which is a very laudable goal.

The results of these survey indicated that name Thunder was the clear winner by students (49% compared to next highest choice 29%), alumni (78% to next highest choice 12%) and staff (53% to next highest choice 31%) out of the four options. They did not publish the total number of responses (only the student responses- 853). Here is a link to the results:

However, the SA has rationalized that because that "Wolves" was part of the three other names and when you add up the three others it adds up to 51% compared to 49% to Thunder.  So the SA has decided to select Wolves as the new name, even though "Wolves" only received 29% of the student vote, 12% of the alumni vote and 31% of the staff vote. This does not make any sense at all. Many people participated in this survey in good faith and have the expectation that the SA would respect the results.  If not, why bother having a survey in the first place.

The SA's obvious preference did not garner the support they expected, and now they have rationalized a change to their choice. This decision dismisses the clear preference of those who participated in the survey and disrespects all of the former and current student-athletes who proudly wear THUNDER across their chest.

Now the SA is trying to push their agenda forward, with a costly rebrand on the horizon. Shandi Cosentino, the current SA President, hasn't made any steps to reach out to the larger Algonquin community and will be leaving her post this summer. We, therefore, call upon Emily Fergus, the incoming President, to reverse this decision, listen to those impacted most and reinstate the THUNDER name.  Reverse this bad faith decision, and give us back our voice!