Petition for Algonquin College to offer Honours/Pass/Fail option for Winter 2020 Semester

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The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused extreme social, academic and economic uncertainty for Algonquin College students. During this time, students are worried about the health of themselves and their loved ones and unemployment on top of the stress of the rigorous academic programs Algonquin College offers.

Additionally, all lectures, labs and exams have been moved fully online. Professors have been doing their best to provide the same quality of education during this change, but online courses simply do not compare to in-person classes. 

Students are already facing increased social, health, and economic stress, on top of more difficult online classes and harder exams. In light of the exceptional circumstances of today, Algonquin College should give students the option to be graded based on the Honours/Pass/Fail system. 

This is not unprecedented. Many universities, colleges and polytechnics have implemented similar systems in order to preserve academic integrity while ensuring students will be able to complete their courses without undue difficulty. 

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology moved to this system:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The Social Sciences faculty at University of Ottawa:

McGill University:

Algonquin College can make this change, just like many leading polytechnics, colleges and universities have. If this change is not implemented, many students may fail due to the extreme pressures they are facing, or worse, they may sacrifice their mental and physical health to get an A during a pandemic. 

Please sign this petition to support Algonquin College students during this exceptional time.