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Make a Jayingee poster in Meepcity

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While this isn't a big and or serious problem and or issue to put on the site. This can be one of the biggest ways to reach out to Roblox and the user of "Alexnewtron" on the website of Roblox. One of the games made by the user of "Alexnewtron" known for other games on the site such as "Pears to Pears" and "Dodgeball" is called "Meepcity." In this game, you can go around roleplaying, throwing parties, and doing various other things throughout the game. One of the ways people can throw good parties in the game is customising your house by buying furniture, decorations, and posters especially. With these posters, most of them are of well known 'Roblox youtubers' such as "Albertsstuff" and "DanTDM." However, there isn't a poster of the 'Roblox youtuber' "Jake" also known as "Jayingee" in Roblox. It would be great if there was a poster of him made in the game as I feel that Jake and or Jayingee doesn't get enough recognition in the Roblox community. If there is a poster made of "Jake" and or "Jayingee" in the Roblox game "Meepcity" by the user "alexnewtron" on the site Roblox. It would be one of the first steps to helping get the 'Roblox youtuber' "Jake" and or "Jayingee" more recognition in the Roblox community.

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