Corella Carnage in SA Must be stopped - Supported by Caspers Bird Rescue INC.

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*****Please join us and help be the voice for our precious Corellas.*****


The SA Environment Department is planning a Corella management strategy that would see the birds gassed en masse around the state.Keith Parkes is the Mayor of Alexandrina Council who made a request that a statewide strategy be implemented. [1]

Developments are leaving these precious birds nowhere to go except group together in large flocks creating a supposed noise disturbance and public nuisance to the general public in the area.

We cannot let this happen to our precious wildlife - please join us and help give words to be the voice of our precious Corellas 

[1] ABC North and West,Plan to Gas Corellas,Facebook 27th March 2019 13:42, [accessed 28/03/19]