Release Refugees from Inhumane Detention Centers

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The citizens of the United States of America collectively demand that the immigrants detained by Border Patrol and ICE be released from the dangerously primitive shelters in which they have been placed. These humans have committed no crime, save for seeking asylum in the United States in their attempt to flee a corrupt government and a nation that threatens their lives.

Yet in their attempt to find a safer life, these people have been met with hate, fear, and inhumane treatment. These flagrant abuses of human rights come from the same country that inherently proclaims "liberty and justice for ALL." Families have been ripped apart. Children represent themselves in a court they cannot understand. Individuals have been placed in dangerously inhumane "care" facilities where they are expected to live without access to necessities as basic as soap, medicine, or any sort of hygienic supplies.

As though the unspoken horrors of their treatment weren't enough, since the Coronavirus outbreak detainees have been subjected to chemical warfare in the name of protection. Disinfectants created to curb COVID-19 have proven immensely dangerous to detainees -- I remind you, human individuals -- in the forms of blisters, chemical burns, and continuous bleeding. 

We are one step away from America becoming the backdrop for the next ethnocultural genocide. THIS MUST PREVENTED AT ALL COSTS. We, the American people, demand the release of these asylum-seekers to hospitals and their families. Release them. Otherwise, we are no better than the wrong side of history.