Stop the closing of Alberta provincial parks or the selling of them to private managers.

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The provincial Government of Alberta under the UCP, and Jason Kenny, will be closing 20 of Alberta's popular provincial parks, either partially or fully, just ONE example of a partial closure is Dinosaur Provincial Park near Drumheller, where many of the first and new dinosaur bones have been found over the years. Where we can educate many of our students and adults on the subject of dinosaurs and view our beautiful Albertan Landscapes. The stars, the lakes, the parries, the hills, the hoodoos, and many many more sites to see in this amazing province, I call home.

We need to stop our government from selling 164 of these provincials park that we take for granted and use everyday, and are part of our outdoor experience here in Alberta, a way to be with nature, to private managers where the facilities (washrooms, cleaning, etc.) will not be maintained. 

I believe us as Albertan's need to stop our government from doing this. To only save the province $5 million dollars per year, which, yes, it does take money to keep them maintained and maybe that could be changed, but by partially or fully closing these parks you are destroying what we Albertan's hold dear, our freedom to the wilds. It takes money to keep things running, it keeps jobs in Alberta, and it keeps our nature open to all of us, not just a select few, or none.

Dinosaur provincial park is considered to be on the UN's UNESCO world heritage sites, I do not believe that should be taken from the residents of the area, or from the province. 

Help stop the UCP government from closing these provincial parks or from selling them to the highest bidder.