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Halt construction of the 'Nations Biggest Mall' until June to save one of the largest prairie dog colonies on Colorado's Front Range

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The ‘Biggest Mall in the Nation’ is slated to destroy one of the largest prairie dog colonies on Colorado’s Front Range. We are generating this petition to demand that Alberta Development LLC (the developers in charge of this mall) postpone construction until June when a viable relocation spot can be secured for the prairie dogs that will ensure their survival. 

The new mall is located in Douglas County Colorado and is going to cover 200 acres up in concrete. Unfortunately, over 100 acres of prairie dogs live here in between 3,000 to 8,000 burrows. There are no laws in place to require developers to move these animals which gives them the green light to exterminate them at any time. This is problematic for many reasons, a major one being that more than 99% of prairie dog have already been exterminated in the name of development from their historical numbers. The state refuses to list them as endangered and instead has given them the status of “pests” expediting their annihilation leading straight towards their extinction.

Currently, Alberta Development is planning on exterminating 40 acres of prairie dogs in mid February. The rest of the 60 acres are in limbo, and we don’t know what plans the developers have for them as of yet. Originally they were planning on having a raptor farm come in, cage and exterminate all of them to be used as food for the raptors. We need to stop this.

Please sign this petition to illustrate to the developers that concerned individuals will not stand for the extermination of hundreds to thousands of prairie dogs in the name of profit. We insist that the prairie dogs are relocated in the most humane way possible to ensure their future survival. This is the responsibility of the developers and we demand that they do the right thing for this community of life by postponing development until June and helping find a suitable relocation spot for the remaining prairie dogs at this site.

You can read more about this situation by viewing the following article:

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