Save Strawberry the Pig

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Strawberry is one of my best friends pig and ES animal. Strawberry is not only her emotional support animal, but her dear friend, family member, and her companion. The Village Board in Elkhart Lake is doing everything they can, even outside of the law and her legal rights to keep a service animal/ESA, to remove this poor pig from Elkhart Lake, WI. Sadly the board is more worried about the city "image" than a member of the communities disability and needs. Unless they have experienced a disability and also needed a service animal or ESA, they will never understand the difference one makes. What kind of statement does that make when the board is driven by image!? She is also loved by the locals and visitors alike, and has been spreading smiles everywhere she goes. The power of 1 goes far, but the power of thousands goes further. Please help save Strawberry!