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Earlier 75% Minimum Attendance was required in all AKTU affiliated colleges to qualify to Answer the semester exams which is now increased to 90%.

This has increased the immense pressure on the students of attending and also completing the immense project work/assignment required to be submitted.

Some college's also misuse this rule by threatening the students to lower their attendance in order to get the students to do what they want. And this is not tolerable.

The students also cannot take part in additional activities which develop the most important qualities of a student like teamwork, leadership, etc which helps the students in the future corporate world .So the AKTU Academic Council needs to understand that if the students don't get enough time to develop these skills than it will have the reverse effect of what AKTU is trying to achieve (i.e. in place of giving a boost to students' worth in this global village, it will pull them a step backwards).

This compulsion has to be ended or at least restored to 75% to reduce the pressure on the students. The students are responsible enough to make their own decisions on which classes to attend and which to not attend. 

Thank You.