Force an immediate stop to the slaughter of thousands of Pilot Whales and Dolphins

Force an immediate stop to the slaughter of thousands of Pilot Whales and Dolphins

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For many years now the Faroe Islands and its people have acted upon the mass slaughter of thousands of Pilot whales and Dolphins in their coastal bays in a annual event that they call "Grindadrap" or what locals refer to in shorts as "the grind".

Locals and their current standing Prime Minister Aksel V. Johannesen states that the Grindadrap is part of the islands culture and that it is a must.....TO SAVE MONEY! yes you read that correctly. The Faroe islands slaughter thousands of whales every single year so that they do not have to pay other countries to import more food.

That being said Whaling has been in our history books for years and I mean YEARS, its the historic culture in which many nations once followed and performed on a large scale but times change. 
Whaling is titled as illegal in the majority of countries on earth and the only countries that currently allow whaling are The Faroe Islands, Japan, Alaska, Norway and Iceland...but do you see the problem there? 

Yes you spotted it! Norway is on that list! A country that is part of the IWC International Whaling Commission, A band of nations in agreement to ironically PROTECT the lives of whales and ensure that their quality of life is what is should be.

So why is this such a big problem? Well The Faroe Islands are in the same kingdom as Denmark, A country that wants the world to think it would protect marine life with all its strength....Well if you call sending your Military to protect people slaughtering whales every year from protesters then sure....

Why is it that the danish PM Mette Frederiksen allows this? well most likely to stay in a friendly relationship with their fellow islanders and in return her nation doesn't have to spend more money to send over products and food to the islands. in return it is a brutal and horrific game of cat and mouse.

Many countries have already ditched tradition and changed their ways in order to protect the marine species in which we may not know exactly how many still exist and when they might go extinct but it is for sure that the pilot whale may go extinct before some of the more rarer species due to the high volume of hunting.

Countries such as Greenland have now set limits to how many whales they kill. this may not be incredibly great but it is a step in the right direction for a nation that has survived off of whale meat and they still continue to try and change their ways for the sake of our earth.

Norway now kills the most whales every year, that is even more than japan! and it is happening right on our doorstep! 

So why should we continue to allow governments to allow this? send the military out to protect murderers and refuse to send goods over to islands that require assistance instead of families teaching their kids to slice the throat of a whale and watch their village bay turn bright red?

This can not go on much longer, it is as if we as the general public are scared to stand up against the governments but why? Is it because they are seen to have all power over us? Or is it because you do not believe you can be heard?

This can not be accepted, This will not be accepted....we must enforce change and more nations must put their foot down and refuse to trade with Norway and Denmark until all is repaired.

We hope to share the same beliefs as you and gain your support in this horrific and abnormal modern day massacre