3 day weekends

3 day weekends

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Aim for a 3 day weekend in all 9-5 jobs

Why this petition matters

Started by Mallory Cassidy

Hi team,

I’d like to propose a thought. A movement, perhaps. 
3. Day. Weekends. 

we’ve chatted about it a while, joked about it perhaps, but it reigns true - people in Australia need, nay, deserve a 3 day weekend. 

we only have 1 life, why spend it working 5 days a week? We deserve our freedom. We need time to rest, rejuvenate, refresh. 

it’s time, Australia. Sign my petition for a 3 day weekend and make the change in the world we deserve. It’s only fair - it’s proven in Iceland in trials that productivity either remained the same or IMPROVED at the product of 3 day weekends. 

Workers reported feeling less stressed out, burnt out and more productive in this trial. 

Make the change today. Sign this petition and take the step towards a better future in Australia. 

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!