Cross walk for 27th ave and Nootka st in Vancouver

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Many People cross the street at 27th ave and Nootka St. The only issue is that this street is extremely busy in the morning when students are trying to get to school.

Almost no cars will stop for them which can be dangerous if a car is going too fast while a person is crossing. In the Winter time, 27th and Nootka is very dangerous due to Icy conditions and potential snow, which can be especially dangerous for the Students and Pedestrians trying to cross. 

There are other places to cross around, but this can be inconvenient to many students routes and can cost time.where the crosswalk is planned to be made, a bus stop is right on that corner which a lot of people use. This crosswalk will prevent people from getting hurt and students running late for class.


For an average year within Vancouver approximately  15 Deaths occur, 300 serious injuries that result in people needing to be admitted to a hospital and 3,000 minor injuries that require medical treatment at a hospital.

 Approximately 40% of collisions that result in death are of citizens that are seniors (65+)

and 60% of deaths and serious injuries involve pedestrians and cyclists