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Adopt a standard practice of treatment for Farm Animals, so abuse and /or neglect can be detected.

Farm animals need and deserve standard practices of treatment, so abuse and /or neglect can be detected.  This float tank that I have linked below has not been used on Betty the downer cow pictured above which could be helping her right now.  She has been laying for over 13 days, since about July 17, with no word of her current condition.   Besides the flotation tank there is no scaffolding nor wenches seen in this cows veterinary care. Also, there should be guidelines for pain medications and euthanasia to limit the agony these animals are enduring.  A rehabilitation area is also a must.

Farm Sanctuary in New York does get all of their down cows to stand using these tanks and slings.  Some farmers also use scaffolding and wenches to raise a cow instead of just allowing them to lie for weeks and weeks towards an agonizing death.

Besides the devices to get the animals back on their feet, there should also be guidelines for  the use of pain medications and euthanasia to limit the agony for the animal. 

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